IMPORTANT:  Junior Development Program will feature monthly billing starting January 2018. Please select “payment options” at check-out.

Summer Camp #3 now offering overnight experience!!

Upcoming Programs:

2018 Spring Junior Development: January 8 – May 31, 2018 – Register HERE now!
2018 Summer Camp #1: June 11-15, 2018 – Day Camp Only – Register HERE now!
2018 Summer Camp #2: June 25-29, 2018 – Day Camp Only – Register HERE now!
2018 Summer Camp #3: July 9-13, 2018 – Day Camp & Overnight! – Register HERE now!
2018 Summer Camp #4: August 13-17, 2018 – Day Camp Only – Register HERE now!
2018 Fall Junior Development: TBD
2018 Cardio Dates: TBD
2018 Winter Holiday Camp: TBD

Current Programs
Junior Development – Spring: January 8 – May 31, 2018

As of June 26, 2017 we have revamped our camp structure. We will offer two types of camps:
1. Junior Development Program
2. Specialty Camps

Junior Development Program:
Our Junior Development program is offered year round in four different sessions; summer, fall, winter and spring. There are 5 different types of camps that will each offer different sessions once or multiple times per week. Generally, we will follow the USTA guidelines regarding age, racquet size, court size and ball type. For more information, please click here.

We urge you to register your child in the below mentioned and age appropriate group. If you feel your child does not belong in the group, please contact us before registering.

Mini Utes Red Dot 3-8yrs 1 hour
Future Utes Orange Dot 7-10yrs 1 hour
Champion Utes Green Dot 9-11yrs 1 or 2 hours
College Utes Yellow 11-18yrs 2 hours
Grand Slam Utes Yellow 11-18yrs 2 hours

If your child has never played tennis before, or cannot rally on a consistent basis, regardless of age, we highly recommend the Mini-Ute program!

Mini Utes:
Our Mini Utes are our youngest and brightest starts. We teach basic racquet, and coordination skills in a fun environment. By USTA guidelines, these kids will play with a red dot ball on a smaller court and a lower net. By the end of the Mini-Utes program, kids should be able to rally.

Future Utes:
Our Future Utes program is intended for those kids ages 7-9 who have basic rally skills. We still focus on fundamental stroke production and coordination, but we will also introduce point play. By USTA guidelines kids will play on a USTA Quickstart sized court with orange dot balls.

Champion Utes:
In the age group of 9-12, our Champion Utes, should transition to intermediate stroke production, as well as more complex rally and strategies. By USTA guidelines kids will play on a normal sized court with green dot balls.

College Utes:
Our College Utes program is intended for beginner and intermediate yellow ball players. Our focus will be on basic to intermediate technique and strategy, in a mix of fed ball and live ball drills and games.

Grand Slam Utes:
Our Grand Slam Utes program is intended for the high performance players that play competitive tennis tournaments on a regular basis. We will focus on advanced techniques, strategy and point play, mostly in live ball drills and games. Grand Slam Utes must be able to rally to register!

For any questions on which camp to register your future tennis star, please feel free to contact us.

IMPORTANT: Our summer session will be an abbreviated session and we will reserve the right to combine sessions to accommodate all participants.



Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 6.34.15 PM
*This is a general outline. Schedule will vary depending on demand. We will reserve the right at any time to change this schedule depending on demand.

IMPORTANT: There will be no camp the following days:
Thursday February 15 (Utah Women vs Utah State)
Wednesday April 4 (Utah Women vs BYU)
Monday April 9 – Thursday April 12 (NCAA Rules)
Monday May 28 (Memorial Day)

$15 p/hr

Future, College & Champion Utes:
1 or 2 days p/wk: $20 p/hr
3 or 4 days p/wk: $17.50 p/hr

Grand Slam Utes:
$25 p/hr

Specialty Camps:
Our Specialty Camps are short, multi day camps that run at specific times throughout the year and include; Sectional Warm Ups, Cardio Tennis, Winter Recess Camp and our Summer Camps. They usually will run 1 to 5 days and are offered intermittently throughout the year.

Day Camp: $500
Overnight: $650 (only available during Summer Camp #3)

Day Camp Schedule:
Monday – Thursday from 9am-4pm*
Friday from 9am-2pm*
*Lunch Included

Overnight Schedule:
Monday drop off 8.45am at the Eccles Tennis Center
Friday pick up at 2pm at the Eccles Tennis Center

Campers will stay in the dorms under strict supervision of our camp staff.

Cardio Tennis:
There are no current cardio tennis dates scheduled.

IMPORTANT! It is NO LONGER possible to register via email, phone or simply by showing up on the first day of camp. Your spot will not be held until a completed application and payment has been received through our website. 

General Information:
As per NCAA rules all Utes camps are open to any and all entrants.

University of Utah
George S. Eccles Tennis Center
550 South Guardsman Way
Salt Lake City, UT 84112
801-581 7075.

What to bring?
1. A Great Attitude
2. Tennis Racquet
3. Tennis Shoes
4. Athletic Appropriate Attire
5. Water Bottle

To register for camps, please click HERE.
For more information, please email
For any additional information on private and/or group lessons, please click HERE.

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