Utes Open 2017 Campaign at National Collegiate Tennis Classic

Palm Springs, Calif.  – Utah Men’s Tennis will open up  its spring season at the National Collegiate Tennis Classic in Palm Springs, Calif. The event will be held from Friday-Sunday and a draw for the NCTC is not yet available.

“It’s a great honor to have been invited to participate at the NCTC and to kick off our 2017 season against such a strong field” said Utes Head Coach Roeland Brateanu.

Utah men's tennis

Utah men’s tennis August 25, 2016 in Salt Lake City, UT. (Photo / Steve C. Wilson / University of Utah)

The Nation’s top collegiate tennis teams have been testing each other’s prowess in winter competition since 1976, when the National Collegiate Tennis Classic was launched in the Southern California desert at Palm Springs. The N.C.T.C. showcases “The Best Of The NCAA.” in the annual event.

Teams participating include: USC, UCLA, Oklahoma State, Texas, Baylor, Boise State, Pepperdine, San Francisco, and Wichita.

The annual tournament has grown in national stature over the years and has been called “The Wimbledon of College Tennis” by the press. It is now one of the major collegiate tennis events and one of the few to feature both men’s and women’s competitions.

Click to live stream the Utes in action!


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