ITA Temporarily Changes Scoring Format for College Tennis

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The Intercollegiate Tennis Association has mandated an experimental “ITA dual match format” for all NCAA men’s Division I non-conference tennis matches played from January 1 – February 17, 2014 (through the ITA National Indoor Championships). The new scoring format will be used in all non-conference “double-header” matches unless both coaches agree otherwise. This experimental format will feature shorter matches and no-ad scoring:

• The dual meet will consist of three doubles matches played first (worth a total of one
point), followed by six singles matches, each individual match worth one point. Four
points are required to win the team match.

• The three doubles matches will each consist of one set to 6, with no-ad scoring and a
tie-breaker at 5-all. Once a team has won two doubles matches, the remaining doubles
match shall not be completed.

• Six singles matches will follow the doubles. Each singles match is two out of three sets,
with each set using no-ad scoring, and a tie-breaker at 5-all in each set.

• All singles matches will be played to completion unless both coaches agree to do

• There will be no warm-up against opponents before the first point is played in doubles
and singles: players will be expected to warm-up with their own team prior to the
scheduled match time. A written pre-match protocol will be made available in early

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