FD Robbins Inducted into Crimson Club Hall of Fame

Coach Robbins Hall of Fame 1

FD Robbins surrounded by his family at the Crimson Club Hall of Fame Banquet

Monday Aprill 22, 2013 will go into the history books as a memorable day for Utah tennis, but in particular for head coach FD Robbins and his family, as the longtime Ute was finally inducted into the University of Utah Crimson Club Hall of Fame.

Coach Robbins, in his 27th season at the helm of the men’s tennis program, was enshrined for his accomplishments as a player from 1968 – 1972 and joins a rich group of tennis greats in the Crimson Club Hall of Fame;  former Davis Cup captain David Freed (1986), legendary coach Harry James (1989), former Olympic medalist Jim Osborne (1990) and former NCAA Champion and former top 25 in the world Greg Holmes (2006).

Coach Robbins receiving his Hall of Fame plaque out of the hands of Cory Meyer.

Coach Robbins receiving his Hall of Fame plaque out of the hands of Cory Meyer.

Robbins joined the U in 1968 and in his freshman year immediately earned All-America honors. After conclusion of his freshman year, he went on to compete at the US Open making it into the third round. In the second round, he set the record, one that still stands today, for the longest match played in US Open history, beating Dick Dell in 100 games: 22-20, 9-7, 6-8, 8-10, 6-4.

In his sophomore year he reached the quarterfinals of the NCAA Championships, earning All-America honors yet again. Over the course of his career, Robbins played at the No. 1 singles position for the Utes his entire career and won the National Indoor Championships, competed three times in the US Open and earned victories over Roscoe Tanner, Dick Stockton, Eric van Dillen, Bob McKinley, Tom Gorman and Sandy Mayer. He also was a member of the US Davis Cup reserve team.

Robbins is joined in the Hall of Fame class of 2013 by former NBA player Michael Doleac, the late basketball coach Rick Majerus, gymnastics star Theresa Kulikowski and Ann Hardy Jones (women’s basketball).


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