NCAA Rescinds some Major Rule Changes

The NCAA has announced that it will rescind some of the major rule changes for NCAA Division I tennis it had originally announced last week, after major concerns were  expressed by the USTA, ITA, coaches, student-athletes and fans.

In an effort to reduce dual match times and to make the game more attractive to a TV audience, the NCAA last week announced some major rule changes. The two rules with the biggest impact (1. reducing doubles matches to a 6-game tiebreak set, and; 2. playing a 10-point tiebreaker in lieu of a third set in singles) have now been rescinded.

“We heard concerns, and we look forward in the future to working with the ITA and USTA to try to come up with formats that would make college tennis better and more fan friendly,” said Cathy Beene, NCAA Committee Chair.

The NCAA will still make three changes to the collegiate tennis game: 1. changeovers will be reduced to 60 seconds; 2. players will no longer have a warm up with their opponent, and; 3. intermission between doubles and singles will be reduced to 5 minutes.

Additionally, the NCAA will change the format of the 2014 NCAA Championships adding two rounds of regional competition. In the proposed changes the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight match ups will be moved to regional sites in an effort to create more campus exposure. The final site will now only host the Final Four match ups, followed by the NCAA Individual Championships.


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