Pac-12 Schools will see big pay day from TV deals

By Steve Berkowitz, USA Today

The Southeastern Conference’s 12 current schools each stand to add about $8 million a year in revenue under soon-to-be-renegotiated television agreements, but they will be well short of what Pacific-12 Conference schools might get from the combination of their recent TV deals and new conference-owned networks, according to an estimate prepared for USA TODAY Sports by a college sports rights-valuation firm.

The estimate, premised on the SEC continuing without a conference-owned network and again having 15-year deals, would give the SEC more guaranteed TV revenue than any college athletics conference: nearly $25 million a school per year over the full contract term ($5.2 billion total).

However, the Pac-12’s full ownership of national and regional networks that have lined up substantial distribution before their scheduled launch in August, indicates that the conference is on track to generate at least $30 million a school per year over the 12-year term of agreements with ESPN and Fox that begin later this year ($4.3 billion total). Only the money from ESPN and Fox — about $21 million a school per year — is guaranteed, though. And because of the networks’ start-up costs the actual per-school revenue the first few years is likely to be well below the projected annual average.

The estimates come from Navigate Research, a Chicago-based firm that is not currently working with the SEC or Pac-12 but has done multimedia rights valuations for schools in various power conferences.

“People expect the SEC to be on top,” says Navigate president A.J. Maestas. “The Pac-12 is the real story here.”

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