Utes Improve to 11-5 on the Season


Freshman Ace Matias earned the match clinching point for the Utes in their 7-0 sweep of Ball State.

Box Score

BOISE, Idaho – The University of Utah men’s tennis team (11-5) went 2-1 at the 2012 Boise State, earning a 5th-place finish and improving to an 11-5 record.

“I was disappointed with how we competed in the first match against UAB,” said head coach F.D. Robbins. “But we fought back hard and got ourselves two more wins. It was tough to play without Slim [Hamza], one of our top guys. Now we have to heal up and get ready for conference play next week.”

Utah faced No. 73 UAB in the first round of the tournament, falling 4-2. Sophomores Devin Lane and Alejandro Medinilla earned singles victories from the Nos. 5 and 6 positions. Doubles was not played.

In the second round, the Utes topped Idaho, 5-2. Despite dropping the doubles point, Utah rallied for three straight singles victories to make the score 3-1. Freshman Rafael Davidian then clinched the match for the Utes at the No. 3 slot, topping Cristobal Ramos Salazar, 7-5, 7-6.

The Utes wrapped up the tournament with a 7-0 sweep of Ball State in the third round Saturday. Utah clinched the doubles point in two sets and then earned six straight singles victories. Freshman Ace Matias decided the match at 4-0 for the Utes at the No. 6 position, downing Derek Carpenter, 6-0, 6-3.

Catch Utah in its first Pac-12 Conference match as they host ninth-ranked California at the Eccles Tennis Center Friday, March 30.
UAB vs University of Utah
Mar 23, 2012 at Boise, Idaho
(Julia Davis Park)
#73 UAB 4, University of Utah 2
Singles competition

1. Danny Manlow (UAB) def. Benito Suriano (UTAH) 6-4, 6-1
2. David Zimmerman (UAB) def. Dmytro Mamedov (UTAH) 6-4, 6-2
3. Chris Helliar (UAB) def. Slim Hamza (UTAH) 6-3, 6-1
4. Daniel Moser (UAB) def. Rafael Davidian (UTAH) 6-3, 7-5
5. Devin Lane (UTAH) def. Lucas Dirube (UAB) 6-4, 6-4
6. Alejandro Medinilla (UTAH) def. Tom Puetz (UAB) 6-4, 6-4

Match Notes:
UAB 13-3; National ranking #73
University of Utah 9-5
Order of finish: Singles (6,3,1,4,2,5)

(Boise Racquet and Swim Club)
University of Utah 5, University of Idaho 2
Singles competition

1. Abid Akbar (IDAHO) def. Benito Suriano (UTAH) 0-6, 6-1, 6-2
2. Dmytro Mamedov (UTAH) def. Marius Cirstea (IDAHO) 1-6, 6-1, 6-2
3. Rafael Davidian (UTAH) def. Cristobal Ramos Sala (IDAHO) 7-5, 7-6
4. Devin Lane (UTAH) def. Jose Bendeck (IDAHO) 7-6, 6-4
5. Alejandro Medinilla (UTAH) def. Cesar Torres (IDAHO) 6-4, 6-2
6. Ace Matias (UTAH) def. Alan Shin (IDAHO) 6-4, 6-1

Doubles competition

1. Suriano/Mamedov (UTAH) def. Bendeck/Ramos Sala (IDAHO) 8-5
2. Akbar/Dobbs (IDAHO) def. Matias/Medinilla (UTAH) 9-8
3. Cirstea/Fichtel (IDAHO) def. Lane/Tasevac (UTAH) 8-5

Match Notes:
University of Idaho 8-11
University of Utah 10-5
Order of finish: Doubles (3,1,2); Singles (6,5,2,1,3,4)

Ball State vs University of Utah
Mar 24, 2012 at Boise, Idaho
(Appleton Tennis Center)
University of Utah 7, Ball State 0
Singles competition

1. Benito Suriano (UTAH) def. Ray Leonard (BALL ST) 7-6 (7-3), 7-5
2. Dmytro Mamedov (UTAH) def. Dalton Albertin (BALL ST) 6-4, 6-4
3. Devin Lane (UTAH) def. Patrick Elliott (BALL ST) 2-6, 6-4, 11-9
4. Rafael Davidian (UTAH) def. Austin Smith (BALL ST) 6-0, 6-2
5. Alejandro Medinilla (UTAH) def. Austin Sansone (BALL ST) 6-1, 6-2
6. Ace Matias (UTAH) def. Derek Carpenter (BALL ST) 6-0, 6-3

Doubles competition

1. Albertin/Leonard (BALL ST) def. Suriano/Mamedov (UTAH) 9-8 (13-2)
2. Medinilla/Matias (UTAH) def. Carpenter/Brym (BALL ST) 8-3
3. Lane/Tasevac (UTAH) def. Sansone/Elliott (BALL ST) 8-5

Match Notes:
Ball State 13-6
University of Utah 11-5
Order of finish: Doubles (2,3,1); Singles (5,4,6,2,3,1)

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